Hidden New iOS 8 Feature Ensures You Never Lose Your iPhone

April 17, 2015
Losing your iPhone seems to be very common these days. It's why Apple introduced Find My iPhone, a feature which most people have turned on. But there is one new feature introduced in iOS 8 that is off by default, and I would like to encourage you all to turn it on.

The feature is found if you head over to Settings --> iCloud --> Find My iPhone. There's a new toggle called "Send Last Location". This sends the location of your iPhone to Apple's servers when your battery gets too low. The point of this is because if your iPhone has no battery you are unable to check it's location using Find My iPhone.
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Climax Game: Dumb Ways To Die for Movies

April 15, 2015
Most of you are familiar with the Dumb Ways to Die game. Short mini levels with three lives and fast paced game-play. Climax by Baikin Studios has a similar gaming style, but with a different concept. Instead of playing mini games where you avoid dumb deaths, you play mini games related to some very popular movies.

The game has 60 different movies. You have 10 unlocked by default and can unlock more as you reach higher scores. This gives an incentive to play the game more often as there's a challenge to defeat.
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5 Reasons You Should Read From Your iPad

January 27, 2015

When Eddy Cue first proposed the idea of iBooks to Steve Jobs, he dismissed it. Now years later, the iPad as well as other reading devices have helped e-reading grow. I'm not crediting the iPad for the success of e-reading, but it's certainly had a role.

Back to the main topic, below are 5 reasons why you should read from an iPad, or any other e-reading device:
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Here's the first flying camera you can wear on your wrist

October 26, 2014

Nixie is the first flying wearable camera. You wear it on your wrist just like you would with a regular watch, then set it free whenever you want it to capture a photo or record a video of you.
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Pennies app review for iPhone

October 17, 2014
Featuring elegant sounds, fluid animations and a simple gesture-based user interface; Pennies is the top paid finance app in the App Store for good reason. The app is a charm to use and makes it easy to keep track of how much money you've got.

Based on your spending history, the app has a 'left today' feature. This recommends how much money you should spend on this day. If you end up spending more than recommended, the app's background color turns from a happy green to a negative red. The app even takes advantage of iOS 8 by featuring a notification center widget showing your 'left today' money for every budget.
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2 Reasons Why Samsung should stop bashing Apple in its ads

September 27, 2014
Whenever a new iPhone is announced or released, we get two sets of ads. One set of ads from Apple promoting the iPhone, and another set from Samsung bashing the iPhone. Whenever a new Samsung phone is released we also get two sets of ads, one set from Samsung promoting the phone, and another set from Samsung bashing the iPhone again.

Although Android fans tend to enjoy anything that bashes Apple, below are two reasons why I believe Samsung should stop bashing Apple in its ads.

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Best free apps to watch movies and tv shows on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac & PC

September 26, 2014
Before you go ahead and read the article, please be aware that all the apps below use piracy for content. While Alwaraki Blog is against piracy, people living in countries in the Middle East and elsewhere where there’s no Netflix or a good selection of movies and shows on iTunes have no choice other than piracy.

If you have a method of watching shows and movies legally please do not pirate.
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iOS and Android are now leveling out- and how the future is no longer in the phones

September 19, 2014

Apple announced iOS 8 a few months ago. It was an indication of the software finally becoming more open and flexible with features such as extensions, third party keyboard, widgets and interactive notifications. Other than the interactive notifications, Android has had those features for years. Only difference is that they are implemented differently.

Google announced Android L a few months ago. It was an indication of the software finally becoming more beautiful as well as simpler for the basic user. It includes features such as lock screen notifications, more animations & attractive design, remote wipe, heads up & actionable notifications. Other than the actionable notifications, iOS had those features for years. Except with different names.

Do you see my point here?
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Did Apple lose the screen size war?

September 14, 2014
When Steve Jobs first announced the iPhone in 2007, the 3.5 inch screen was referred to as “huge”. Compared to other screen sizes at the time, that size was indeed huge.

But as time advances, customers want different things from their phones. One of those wants is a larger screen. Android phone manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC were soon producing gigantic phones and were praised for it. This lead Apple to announcing the iPhone 5 with a larger 4 inch screen. Although this was the biggest iPhone at the time, it was smaller than its direct competitors who had phones with almost 5 inch screens.
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Everything Apple Announced In The September 9 Event

September 12, 2014
On September 9 2014, Apple held it's iPhone 6 event. Most announcements were rumored and predicted in advance, but we weren't aware of all details until they were announced.

Apple announced two new iPhones: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Additionally Apple announced Apple Pay, a new payment system replacing credit cards and also the Apple Watch which probably was the most anticipated Apple product for years.

I'll cover details of all three products in this post.

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