WiPi- Quickly switch between Wifi networks on iPhone

April 16, 2014
Among the many new features introduced in iOS 7, the new Control Center was one of the most useful upgrades. Users no longer need to open the settings app to make very small changes such as toggling bluetooth or increasing the brightness. However, one thing which Apple missed out on is the ability to scan and connect to WiFi whenever the user demands it without having to open the settings app.

Currently, a user is offered to allow the iPhone to ask to join networks. But the popup doesn't always come at the right time. Additionally, it's better to keep that toggle turned off to help save battery.

Jailbroken iPhone users are offered a solution by @Bensge, one of the developers who worked on  Velox. Bensge released a tweak called WiPi some time ago in Cydia, before the introduction of iOS 7. WiPi has been updated to take advantage of the Control Center.
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Eclipse- Night Mode on iPhone

April 12, 2014
Perhaps one of my biggest requests for iOS 8 is a Night Mode feature. Many users, myself included, use their iPhones at night for a few hours before sleeping. The problem with this is that even when the brightness of the iPhone is set to the lowest, it still burns my eyes. I'm not the only one facing this issue, and this is what encouraged Guillermo MorĂ¡n (fr0st) to develop Eclipse.

Eclipse is a Cydia tweak that provides system wide night mode on iOS. It replaces the bright white backgrounds in iOS with much darker ones. The user can choose between 8 themes, I use 'Night'. You can also set a color for buttons and for the statusbar since they may look awkward if left unchanged.

Below is a side by side comparison showing Eclipse in action:

Eclipse disabled
Ecplise enabled

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Looka- Flat Minimalistic Theme for iPhone

April 6, 2014
iOS 7 brought forward an overdue flat redesign to the iPhone. The software looks amazing and is certainly a pleasure to use for most people. However, one complaint that many users have is the new icons. Fortunately for jailbroken iPhones, you can get many amazing themes to replace these icons.

One theme I would like to share with you is Looka by Luka Kajtes. The theme simplifies the icons and makes them a lot more consistent. Perhaps too consistent for some people, but I personally liked them.

Unlike most typical themes, Looka doesn't just change the icons of your iPhone. It also provides 8 icon masks such as circular icons and square icons. One problem with masking icons using Looka is the folders don't get masked too, perhaps the folders won't look good masked, but it leads to inconsistency across the devices. Anyway, I have provided screenshots for all the different icon masks below to save you time from having to respring between different masks.
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PhotoLayers app review- combine images with ease on iPhone

March 31, 2014
Photo editing is extremely popular nowadays due to the ease of editing. Anyone can take a picture and with a single tap apply filters to it making it look more professional. However, one thing which has always fallen behind from beginners is the ability to combine two pictures together.

You can learn how to photoshop pictures but here's the problem, you need to learn how to do it. I recently stumbled into this app called PhotoLayers.

The app makes the process of combining images as layers very simple. You set a background image and then add other layers to your image. The result is that you can create images like the one below.
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How to help stop capturing portrait video on iPhone

March 20, 2014
Capturing video in portrait could be quite annoying. For some, this is because when playing the video it's more convenient in landscape and it shows more horizontal area. For others this could be because landscape video is more suitable for editing the video using apps such as iMovie, or uploading videos to YouTube.

The issue with vertical videos is quite big actually, there's an App Store app called Horizon ($1.99) that forces video to be captured horizontally.

However, if you would rather shoot with the default camera app, then you should be interested in a free Cydia tweak called VerticalVideoSyndrome which helps solve this issue.
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Grad - create beautiful gradient wallpapers

March 9, 2014
Grad is a beautiful app for iOS that let's you design gradient wallpapers for your device. The app provides a very simple user interface to create gradients within seconds. However the app features a few limitations due to it's simplicity.

Let's start off with the user interface. You can choose a color for the top of the gradient and a color for the bottom. This is done by moving a pointer around a circle as shown in the images below.
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Create Notes anywhere on your iPhone using NoteCreator

March 8, 2014
Notes are useful as they help you jot a few ideas on the go before they disappear in your memory. The Notes app on iOS 7 is simple, clean and provides a distraction free experience to take down notes. However, it involves a few steps to use as you have to unlock your phone, open the Notes app and add a new note.

You can improve this experience by reducing the steps required to take notes. This will require a jailbroken iPhone and a Cydia tweak called NoteCreator.

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Google vs Apple [Infographic]

March 2, 2014
I don't usually like to share any Apple vs Google articles on my blog as it will almost certainly end with an "Apple is better than Google" or "Google is better than Apple". I personally believe it's opinionated. There is currently no company that is completely better than the other one in all aspects.

Having said that, below is an infographic titled Apple vs Google. The infographic shows differences in ideas and the history of the two companies, and it's certainly a good piece for any tech fan to take a look at.
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Smartphone Shortcomings- 4 big ways smartphones are expected to improve [Infograph]

February 23, 2014
Smartphones are credited for being so advanced and convenient. Most modern smartphones show you directions to a nearby shop without you needing to even touch the screen. There are however limitations that have been created. I used to charge my very old Nokia once a month, and now an average smartphone is charged 2.4 times a day in New York.

There is room for improvement for smartphones, and today I'm sharing with you an infographic from the folks at Computer Science Hub that shows the 4 big ways smartphones are expected to improve in the near future. I hope you like it.
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Prevent apps from using up your cellular data on iOS 7

February 21, 2014
The iPhone is a good tool for accessing internet on the go, and is now more commonly used very regularly for internet usage. Unfortunately if you're not connected to Wi-Fi this could lead to drainage in your cellular data. Which could ultimately cost you some extra cash.

Thankfully, with iOS 7 you can restrict certain apps from accessing your cellular data. This is especially handy for games that only use your cellular data to load ads. So by disabling internet access for the game, you'll save money as well as not see ads!

If this sounds good to you, then here's the best part. All it takes is 3 steps to do this.
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