3 Reasons To Be Excited For Self Driving Cars

August 27, 2015
Since 2009 Google has been working on a self driving car project. The cars have autonomously driven almost 1 million miles, and a lot has been learnt. I'm excited for self driving cars, and below are 3 reasons why you should be too.

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Download Youtube Videos for free on iPhone

July 17, 2015
Youtube has been making it harder and harder to download Youtube videos, whether you're on an iPhone, Android phone, PC, etc. It's fairly easy to avoid those limitations on a computer as you can find many sites that let you download videos, but on the iPhone, apps with the ability to download Youtube videos tend to be removed from the App Store or completely rejected in the first place.

Some apps have managed to stay, I only know of one app right now.
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Internet temporarily down? Try this with Chrome

July 17, 2015
There are many scenarios in which you may be left with a few minutes with no internet. Instead of endlessly refreshing your browser hoping to see the webpage load, Google is offering a more fun option to Chrome users.

What may look like a boring page with a random dinosaur is in fact, a hidden game. Tap the up arrow on your keyboard and the random dinosaur will jump up, and the game will start. All you do is jump over cacti, but it's certainly a lot more fun than hitting F5 forever. Once you regain internet connection I believe the game ends itself and your page loads, otherwise try and raise your high score.

The game is fairly easy after a few tries. Regardless, it's a fun way to pass those few minutes that may seem endless.
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How to enable Islamic calendar in iPhone

June 24, 2015
The iPhone has a setting which can enable Islamic, Hebrew and Chinese calendars in the built in calendar app. It's called alternate calendars and can be enabled from the settings app.

To do so: Open Settings --> Mail, Contacts & Calendars (scroll down to the bottom) --> Alternate Calendars. Then pick the alternate calendar that you would like to enable. You can only have one picked at a time.
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Later- Straightforward Reminders App for iPhone

June 12, 2015
Post updated 21st June with a giveaway for the app, check bottom of the post.

The App Store is full of many apps that offer reminders. I've tried a lot of them. Later is a reminders app that differentiates itself from the crowd. The app is designed with a minimalist approach, and the result is great. Later also makes it really easy to snooze reminders without having to pick a specific time, more on that later.

When you first open the app you're greeted with this:
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The perfect Apple WWDC that will never happen

June 2, 2015
With Apple's WWDC less than a week away, I decided to share my views on the perfect conference that'll sadly never happen. I repeat this is a figment of my imagination and it's the inner fanboy in me who wishes for this to become reality so here goes.

Saurik announces Cydia in iOS 9

Apple finally realises it's time to give power users some more flexibility over their device. Tim Cook declares there'll be a surprise guest and up comes onto the stage no other but Saurik. He announces his partnership with Apple. Allowing users to download Cydia through the settings app after many many warnings and cautions on how this voids the warranty and puts your device at risk, of course.

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Staccal 2 - A Calendar and Reminders App For iPhone

May 24, 2015
Staccal 2 is a calendar and reminders app that actually helps you manage your time well. It's got a lot of features and customization options that make it stand out of the crowd. Also, it's widget is the best calendar widget I've used so far.

I've spent a lot of time looking for the right app that'll help me manage my time well. Ironically a lot of time has been spent downloading and trying out those apps. But I've finally found the app that does what I want.

Staccal 2 comes equipped with a plethora of features. It's extremely easy to reschedule events, as well as copying/duplicating an event. The app also allows the user to add templates that can be used to make it quicker to add events.
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Get someone to fill up your car's gas tank for you

May 16, 2015
Technology is rapidly advancing, and it's gradually doing things for us that we usually don't want to do ourselves. Think of online shopping for example. It's a lot more convenient to buy goods online than to physically go to a shop. A lot of people are pleased with this new approach of technology doing things for us.

Filld is an app that may seem like an April Fool's joke, but is 100% real. The app refills your gas for you so that you don't have to do it yourself. All you have to do is tap a button on your screen.

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3 Great Free Games To Play On Your iPhone or Android Phone This Weekend

May 8, 2015
The weekend is here which means it's time to refresh the games on your phone. You can spend your weekend searching through the App Store's wilderness or check out the 3 games I've collected here for you. These are games I've been playing a lot last week so I guarantee they're fun. All three games are available for both iOS and Android for free and are in different categories.

1- Orbits - by Turbo Chilli

Jump from circle to circle with one tap. The game can be played with one hand and is fast paced. Collect diamonds, dodge spikes and complete levels. Despite being a one handed game it requires a lot of focus and thinking in order to complete the levels.

If you're after a beautiful game that you can play with one hand then you may want to try out Orbits. You can disable ads and skip levels with in-app purchases, but can play the full game for free.

Download on: iPhone/iPad, Android.

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Hidden New iOS 8 Feature Ensures You Never Lose Your iPhone

April 17, 2015
Losing your iPhone seems to be very common these days. It's why Apple introduced Find My iPhone, a feature which most people have turned on. But there is one new feature introduced in iOS 8 that is off by default, and I would like to encourage you all to turn it on.

The feature is found if you head over to Settings --> iCloud --> Find My iPhone. There's a new toggle called "Send Last Location". This sends the location of your iPhone to Apple's servers when your battery gets too low. The point of this is because if your iPhone has no battery you are unable to check it's location using Find My iPhone.
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