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By: Unknown, September 22, 2011

Facebook had a major update last night which included many changes such as updated friend lists , new look and also a recents slot on top of the chatbar which updates automatically.

Fistly, you can now select a friend list from your homescreen and the newsfeed will aoutomatically only show status updates, pictures, etc. from the selected friend list. Facebook also added some lists by default for example people who are in the same school as you or live in the same area. This is an approach to knock out Google+
Secondly, the new look is awesome! Even though many people are against it i beleive that it's much better than the old one.
Finally, the recents slot is just fantastic. I now use it more than the actual newsfeed; because it automatically updates and you can quickly view the post just by hovering over it in the recents slot.
To conclude i beleive that the new facebook is just too good. Even though i have started using google+ i think the new facebook might make me stop.

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