Gadhafi got killed!

By: Unknown, October 20, 2011

Gadhafi got killed today,by the Libyan rebels.The news itself shocked me actually finding out at first that he was captured,I thought he would have survived longer hiding around or he will run away to any of his fellow African countries.The shocking thing is he did as he said that he will stay in Libya until he died! But on of the morals of this stories is the fact that he was one of the richest people on the planet and he was hiding in a hole! This is the hole that he was found in before his death.

Can you believe it!That guy was a billionaire,and he was hiding in a hole.
And also the fact that an 18 year old (in the picture above), is the guy who killed him."Another lesson is suppose to be learned by the rebels not only in Libya but all over the world that Gadhafi 42 years ago made a revolution"(Ahmed Sabr on twitter Sabrology) but then time has changed him,just like any other Arabic dictator which we all know whose responsible for changing him without pointing fingers at any one.Another thing is how the NATO tried to take all the credit or at least some when saying that they attacked him and others,in my opinion they should have said that when it actually happened not when the heroes did all the job. of course we cannot deny what the NATO did for Libya but the question is why only Libya(Petrol?) there,s also Yemen and Syria.

In the end congrats to the Libyans for their great victory!And good luck for the future. 

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