How to find your ip address on iPhone

By: Unknown, October 27, 2011
   This is a common question you would want to ask, especially if your iPhone is jailbroken. Several tweaks on Cydia such as openssh require to enter your ip address. Also, if you use apps like remote mouse or mobile mouse from the Appstore you would usually need to type in your ip address. There are various other occasions in which you will need to do so.
   There are two simple ways to find your ip address.
1. SBSettings:
(i)Download sbsettings from Cydia.
(ii)Use an activator action to bring down SBSettings
(iii)Your ip address will be shown at the bottom of the window

(i)Go to settings
(iii)Click on the blue arrow next to your router's name
(iv)You will see your ip address in the top line

   So this is how to know your IP Address. Do you prefer finding your IP Adress in another way?


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