How to SSH into iPhone

By: Unknown, October 25, 2011
   SSH is getting to places in your iPhone which Apple would not like you to go to. SSH is editing plists, codes, making your own themes. SSH is taking full control over your iPhone. So the big question is 'how can I SSH?' Read on and you'll know how.
   There are two ways to SSH into your iPhone; a simple way and a complex way. The simple way is using iFunBox. While the complex way is Cyberduck, WinSCP,etc.

   iFunBox makes SSHing into your iPhone easy. All you need to do is plug your iPhone into a PC with iFunBox installed and you are ready to go.
Below is a screenshot of iFunBox:
   As you can see from the screenshot above iFunBox has a simple user-friendly layout which provides its users with an easy way to SSH

   WinSCP and Cyberduck are the official ways to SSH. But the problem in them is that they are more complicated to connect.
Step 1: Download OpenSSH on your iPhone and Cyberduck for your Mac/WinSCP for your Windows
Step 2: Check your iPhone IP address
Step 3: Run WinSCP/Cyberduck
Step 4:Type in your IP address
Step 5:SSH into your iPhone

As you can see iFunBox provides a faster and easier way to SSH, while WinSCP/Cyberduck provide a wireless connection to SSH.
I personally prefer iFunBox, which one do you prefer?

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