iFile - a simple SSH alternative

By: Unknown, October 25, 2011
   Just a while ago I published a post about SSHing into your iPhone. SSHing is an easy way to manually edit stuff in your iPhone which Apple do not like you to edit, such as plists. What if you can edit these files right from your iPhone? Won't that be much easier? Fortunately you can do it using an app called iFile.
   With iFile you can edit these plists right from your iPhone. iFile offers a simple user interface while giving you many cool features at the same time. Take a look at the screenshots below:

   iFile is a great alternative to SSHing , unless you want to use files stored on your PC. Here is how to get iFile:
1-Launch up Cydia
2-Search for iFile and download it (even though it's in blue, iFile is free)
3-Click on install to download the app for free
4-Launch up iFile and you are done

   The reason iFile is blue is because you can purchase a license for it to activate all features. I did not buy the license and iFile does its job for me. If you want to activate all the features then You will need to buy the license for approximately $4.
   Do you like iFile? Is the free version good enough for you? Or do you need all the features? Leave a comment and let us know.

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