Zombie Highway

By: Unknown, October 13, 2011
   Have you been looking for a cool game to play? Well here is one. Zombie highway is an epicly fun game to play on your iPhone. It's not like COD Zombies or whatever zombies game you'd expect, it's a totally different style game and that's what makes it awesome. It features two different playing styles mixed together, driving and shooting.

   The driving in zombie highway is done by tilting the iPhone to turn left and right and the car auto accelerates. Zombies jump on your car and make driving harder and try flipping your car, which makes you lose. Also f you crash in an obstacle you will lose. You can kill zombies without a gun by pushing them against the obstacles (make sure you don't crash in the obstacle too). You can unlock different cars by completing achievements.

   Shooting is the main way of killing. The game offers various guns, you unlock stronger guns by completing achievements. To kill zombies you tap on the red semi-circles on the side of the screen.

   As you continue your drive you'll realize that zombies get stronger and bigger. I personally prefer crashing the zombies on obstacles rather than shooting them. How do you prefer to kill zombies?

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