AnyLockApp- Open any app in iOS 5 lockscreen

By: Unknown, November 10, 2011
   One of the features in iOS 5 is quick access to the camera app from the lockscreen. This is very useful since you may sometimes need to quickly snap photos without having to unlock your iPhone or typing in your password. However, some people are not into photography or would prefer to launch a different app from the iPhone lockscreen.
   Fortunately Cydia developers have done the job! All you need to do is download 'AnyLockApp' from Cydia for free. This tweak does not just change the app launched but also replaces the camera icon with the icon of the app you wish to open.
   Alternatively, if you want to remove the camera button download 'No Lockscreen Camera' from Cydia.
   What shortcut do you have on your lockscreen? Leave a comment and let us know.

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