Firebreak- enable hidden panorama mode in iPhone camera app (iOS 5)

By: Unknown, November 10, 2011
   Apple released iOS 5 a few months ago. It had many great features. You can see them here. These are features Apple enabled by default. Apple made some features but for some reason kept them hidden. Panorama mode is a fine example of this.
What is panorama mode?
Panorama mode is a mode that allows you to take wide pictures. To do this you need to move from left to right  as you snap the pictures. The result is a wide landscape picture.

How to enable the hidden feature?
To enable panorama mode in the iPhone camera app:
1-Launch Cydia
2-Download FireBreak
3-Open up the camera app
4-Click on options
5-You will find a new button (panorama)
6-Click on it
7-Enjoy panorama mode on your iPhone

Do you like panorama mode? Does firebreak do its job? Are there any panorama apps on the App Store that work better?
Leave a comment and let us know.

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