Tips- save battery on any smartphone

By: Unknown, November 9, 2011
Longer battery life is a feature wanted by every smartphone user. These are tips on how to increase battery life on your smartphone whether it is Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Nokia, etc.

1-Disable 3G
3G offers a much faster internet browsing speed than Edge. The only disadvantage of 3G is high battery drainage. If you're not sure what the difference between cellular data and 3G is then check this link.

The higher the brightness the higher the battery drainage. Decreasing the brightness is a way to increase the battery life of your smartphone.

3-Airplane mode
I have realised this when I was using iDroid. I checked for the processes which used battery and calling used 50% of my battery life! On Blackberry the phones turn off radio so you can not call when your battery is very low to save your battery life. Turning airplane mode on will save a lot of battery and boost your battery life.

4-Location services
Most smartphones use your location in certain apps such as camera(geo tagging). In iPhone 4S, location services are useful when using the reminders app. Location services is a good feature but drains away your battery life.

I am not sure if you get a toggle for this in all smartphones, but push notifications is a factor of battery drainage. On iPhone you can choose the apps in which you get notifications for. This is really useful since many users need notifications in some apps but do not mind turning notifications off in other apps.

   These are tips on saving battery life. Are there any I missed out?

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