Siri porting becomes easier

By: Unknown, December 19, 2011
   Siri is the most popular feature in the iPhone 4S. It's release has created a huge increase in Apple sales. However, Siri was only available for iPhone 4S users. This is how it was for a long time. But not anymore...
   A new iOS update has been released for the iPhone 4S which does not have an encrypted code for Siri. In previous operating systems, Siri has always been encrypted, but now it is not. This makes it easier for hackers and developers to port Siri to iPhone 4 and other versions of iPhone.

   So, the question is, did Apple mean doing this? It could have just been an accident. Or, did Apple leave it encrypted to make people buy the iPhone 4S and then unencrypted it to give everyone a chance?


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