Lockdown- passcode lock certain apps on iPhone

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 28, 2011
Update: Lockdown does not support iOS 4, 5 or 6. You will need to download Lockdown Lite or Lockdown Pro instead.

   Every now and then your friends ask you to use your iPhone. Ya, I know it's annoying and that's the reason you should download lockdown. Lockdown is a free tweak available in Cydia. The tweak simply adds an app to your homescreen where you can configure the settings.
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Coversiri- make your own siri conversations

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 18, 2011
   Siri is really fun and enjoyable. The amount of possible commands recognised by siri is incredible. What if you do not have siri or want to ask siri a question and choose the answer? There is a way to do this!
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Media Controller Brightness- Power toggles on lockscreen

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 10, 2011
Media Controller Brightness allows you to quickly change settings in your iPhone. These settings are:
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SuperSlider- Launch apps from your lockscreen

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 10, 2011
   Just a while ago I wrote about a tweak that lets you change what app to launch from your iPhone lockscreen on iOS 5. What if you are one of the unfortunate ones (like me) who do not own an iOS 5 device. Superslider is your solution.

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AnyLockApp- Open any app in iOS 5 lockscreen

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 10, 2011
   One of the features in iOS 5 is quick access to the camera app from the lockscreen. This is very useful since you may sometimes need to quickly snap photos without having to unlock your iPhone or typing in your password. However, some people are not into photography or would prefer to launch a different app from the iPhone lockscreen.
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Firebreak- enable hidden panorama mode in iPhone camera app (iOS 5)

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 10, 2011
   Apple released iOS 5 a few months ago. It had many great features. You can see them here. These are features Apple enabled by default. Apple made some features but for some reason kept them hidden. Panorama mode is a fine example of this.
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Tips- save battery on any smartphone

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 9, 2011
Longer battery life is a feature wanted by every smartphone user. These are tips on how to increase battery life on your smartphone whether it is Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Nokia, etc.

1-Disable 3G
3G offers a much faster internet browsing speed than Edge. The only disadvantage of 3G is high battery drainage. If you're not sure what the difference between cellular data and 3G is then check this link.
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Apple confirms iOS 5.0.1 will fix battery drain issue

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 4, 2011
   Battery life is an important factors when comparing phones. Everyone cares about keeping their battery life as long as possible and so do mobile companies. Apple was good at doing this until iOS 5. Not only do iPhone 4S users not get the option to disable 3G, but iOS 5 itself has a battery drain issue.
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