Sara- free Siri alternative for all iOS devices!!

By: Unknown, February 19, 2012
YES!! The day has finally come. Siri, the top feature in the iPhone 4S is now available for all iOS devices. Now even iPhone 2G owners can enjoy a siri like experience.

Sara is a free Siri alternative available for all iOS devices. Here is how to install Sara:

1-Make sure you have a jailbroken iPhone, if not read this guide.
2-Launch Cydia
3-Add this source
4-Download all the three packages
5-Your iOS device will restart springboard after the download has completed
6-Launch Sara!

Warning the server for Sara is currently overloaded, however I just downloaded it and it works fine.


  • Works on all iOS devices
  • Free
  • Has a lot of replies ( I expected it to lack answers but it turned out to have amazing replies )
  • Good UI
  • Adds in the speak-to-type icon in the keyboard just like in iOS 5
  • Slow at starting up
  • Long thinking time
In conclusion, if your device does not support Siri, I strongly recommend you to give this app a go. Do you like this app? What do you think of it? Leave your opinion as a comment.

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