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By: Unknown, March 30, 2012
   The App Store is now undoubtedly the most used downloading store on any smartphone. With 10 billion download a few weeks ago the App Store proved it was number one in the market. However, developers are always finding new features which the App Store lacks, one of these features is notifications for new apps.
   Luckily, developers are in the lead. AppUpdateNotifier is a Cydia tweak that enables notifications for new app updates. The app brings the following features:

  • AppUpdateNotifier is very much integrated with iOS 5 notification system, thereby allowing you to receive banner notifications, notifications on the lock screen and also access them via iOS Notification Center.
  • AppUpdateNotifier integrates with Apple’s Notification Center to allow you to easily toggle it on or off and manually check for new updates.
  • Configure AppUpdateNotifier to check for updates on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Add certain apps to the Ignore list if you don’t want to receive update notifications for those apps.

What do you think of this tweak? Do you think Apple should consider including it in iOS 6? Share your thoughts as a comment below.

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