How Blind People Use The iPhone 4S - Accessibility, Twitter, You Tube, Siri

By: Unknown, April 20, 2012
When Siri was first released it was greeted with many positive reviews, as we can see from the number of people who bought the iPhone 4S. Siri is the most outstanding feature in the iPhone 4S. But it wasn't the only. What I really like about Apple is that they don't brag all of their features, but instead leave it for us to find and surprise ourselves. Today I saw a YouTube video of how Tommy Edison uses an iPhone 4S. Tommy is blind but still enjoys using his iPhone 4S using the accessibility settings. I found this video really catchy and decided that I must share it with the readers.

Tommy Edison says that these accessibility settings are not used my most people and many of the iPhone 4S owners probably don't even know about this. I found this video very interesting and certainly these accessibility features offered by Apple are very great and easy to use. Check the video below of Tommy Edison as he uses his iPhone 4S to use YouTube, Twitter, etc. Totally worth watching.

   What do you think? Great right?

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