Stayopened- keep App Store opened after a download

By: Unknown, April 6, 2012
   As I have already mentioned in a previous post, the App Store is now the most used mobile store. However, there are a few features which it lacks. One of them is notifications for app updates, and another one is the option to keep the App Store running after a download.
   Luckily, jailbreak devs are always doing a good job. A tweak called 'StayOpened' does the job. It allows you to keep the App Store running after starting a download. You know what I mean right? Whenever you download an app in the App Store, the store closes and you are sent back to the springboard. This indeed is very annoying and time consuming.
   Furthermore, this tweak also gives you a few other extra options. You are given the option to choose the text displayed when downloading a free app and the text displayed when buying a money app. The screenshot below shows the the options you can adjust in Setting --> StayOpened .

   This tweak is really useful, infact I would be glad if this is a feature Apple work on to introduce in the iOS 6. I do not really see the reason for the App Store to close after starting a download. Do you think Apple should introduce such a feature by default? Or would you prefer the App Store to close after every download? Leave a comment and let us know.

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