Twitter adds ticker just like Facebook

By: Unknown, April 27, 2012
For some reason now, Twitter decided to add in an activity section, which is very similar to Facebook's ticker. I found that Facebook's ticker is a great feature as it offers real time updates of your friend's activity (more like a stalking feature :P ).

However, some people did not accept the Facebook ticker and I was surprised by the number of Google Chrome extensions that disable the ticker and the amount of people who were against this feature.

But it is here, the activity section (ticket) could be found in the discover tab on both your smartphone or PC. The update was released for iOS devices and Android devices, but not Blackberry.

[Image from Cnet]

One thing I don't like about the activity section and makes me prefer Facebook's ticker is the ease of access. To view Twitter activity you will first need to go to the discover tab and then click on more activity. On the other hand, the ticker on Facebook is displayed in to the right on the News Feed which means it is much easier to keep up with friend activity.

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