WIll Apple release a mini iPad?

By: Unknown, April 18, 2012
     A mini iPad may seem like a great idea to some but a bad option for others. In this post I would cover the pros and cons of the mini iPad and whether or not I believe Apple will make such a move. The Apple iPad is with no doubt the leading tablet. Will such a move benefit Apple and/or customers or will it be a bad move?
    Rumours about the mini iPad have been flying around since before the new iPad was released. So do most users want this or not? I personally believe this will not be a successful move because...

By releasing the mini iPad Apple are breaking the boundaries between a smartphone and a tablet. Some Android-running tablets are already breaking this boundary, especially the kindle fire. What makes the iPad successful is the optimum screen size it features. Although the kindle fire did go along very successfully and it still is, iPad is still in the lead. Read this post here about a user comparison between both gadgets.

Furthermore, rumours are also spreading about an increase in the screen size of the next iPhone, again I personally believe this will not happen, check out this post to know why. So if Apple make the iPhone bigger and the iPad smaller, they are breaking the boundaries between both devices and may as well sell them as one device.

Also, if Apple release a mini iPad, app developers would have to do almost double the work to make their app compatible with both devices. This could possibly push developers away from the App Store and start working with other stores. But this is unlikely as most App Stores already work on multiple sized gadgets. And what about the resolution. After Apple worked so hard to increase the graphics of the iPad, do you really think they will introduce a smaller screen which is almost impossible to have as good graphics as the 3rd iPad.

However, there are a few positives to this move. By releasing a smaller version of the iPad they are creating a more portable perhaps cheaper device that could take out other competitors such as the kindle fire. So this is a positive point of the mini iPad.

In conclusion, I personally believe Apple will not do that mistake. Especially that Steve Jobs(RIP) said that Apple will not be going Android's way, and a mini sized tablet is definitely Android's way.

I would also like to know what you believe Apple will do, will they release a mini tablet and go Android's way? Share your opinion in the comment section below.


  1. 1- i really want to see that consept of the iphone 5 come true

    2- I would buy an ipad mini but i think your right, apple dont want to go androids way

    1. Yea but they might be forced to, let's just wait and see...

  2. Hey nice way of sharing about ipad. Keep Sharing… Thanks!


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