Apple could release a new iPhone in the WWDC

By: Unknown, May 31, 2012
Now that pictures of the new iPhone have supposedly been leaked, the possibilities of Apple releasing a new iPhone this summer are increasing. We have seen the same type of pictures before the release of the iPhone 4S, but they were all denied with the same design of the iPhone 4 being implemented. But what if the pictures are true, have a look below, what does that mean?

This means that the iPhone has already been manufactured and perhaps ready for sale. So does that mean we will be hearing of the new iPhone this WWDC. And also if Apple have not been planning to announce it this summer, if the pictures above are truly leaked pictures then Apple might decide to announce the iPhone before more features are revealed causing no need of an announcement. This could surely destroy Apple's reputation. So if the pictures of the leaked iPhone are correct then we may be lucky this summer.

The design of the iPhone in the leaked image does look different, and shows that the screen size has increased. The back looks really cool but the middle part is a bit dodgy, it's perhaps a protector which is used until release date,

Anyway, what do you think of the design? Are you expecting a new iPhone this summer? Share your thoughts in the comment. And share this post with your friends to keep them updated with the news.

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