iOS 6 maps awaits a big change - possible screenshots and upgrades

By: Unknown, May 29, 2012
If you are a big Apple fan you would have almost certainly been aware of the big changes that are expected in iOS' maps app. Apple are almost definitely letting go of Google's Maps not just because of the poor relationship between both companies, but perhaps because it lacks features which Apple are willing to introduce in iOS 6.

The maps app is expected to have revolutionary 3D buildings that will totally boost the maps experience. Below is a screenshot of what the iOS maps will possibly look like:

[Image source: BGR]

This would certainly be a really cool upgrade. But Apple could go a step further and allow you 
to increase the range of available locations by allowing you to take pictures of places and uploading them to the server, then using geotag the photo of the building will be specified for a certain location and becoming available to all other users so that they can see it too. This would be really cool, I mean that's a fast intelligent way to increase the range of the maps app benefiting the iPhone owners and Apple. Don't you think so?

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