Phone buzzer - a must have modification for your iPhone's phone app!

By: Unknown, May 24, 2012
Phone buzzer is simple one of these must have tweaks for your iPhone. It tweaks the phone app to provide it with a really simple but useful feature that I'm surprised Apple did not implement in iOS. All what Phone Buzzer does is that it vibrates your iPhone whenever it connects in a call. So when someone answers your call, declines, etc. the iPhone will just vibrate to alert you of that action.

How on earth is this useful? You may be asking yourself that question now but seriously after a few weeks I have realized that I can't live without this tweak! Say for example you call a friends, so instead of having to hold the iPhone by your ear and hear that boring tune, or looking at the screen waiting for the timer to start, simply put the phone down and get on with your own business until that lazy friends picks up the phone. After that your iPhone will vibrate to alert you that you have connected to the call!

Phone buzzer is available on Cydia for free so you may as well give it a go. If you're having any trouble just comment and I'm ready to help. If you don't want to jailbreak your iPhone then check out this post on how to jailbreak your iPhone without disturbing your warranty! Make sure you share this tip with your friends using the share button below. Thanks!

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