Samsung Galaxy S3 announced - highlighting the main features

By: Unknown, May 4, 2012
It's been announced. The Samsung Galaxy S3, after a long waiting time, the Samsung fans finally receive it. Samsung announced the Galaxy S3 with many great out-of-the-mind features. In this post I'll cover the main  new features which I found shocking and amusing even though I prefer Apple. However, in my posts I try and stay unbiased about the two companies and give a fair balanced overview without siding up against either of the companies.

With a great design, the Galaxy comes with these main features:
  • Smart Stay
  • Direct Call
  • S Voice
  • Best photo
  • Improved sharing
Smart stay:
After seeing this feature on the Samsung website it took me a while to understand what the feature actually does. Now it turns out it's one great feature. Smart stay is a futuristic feature. Basically, the phone detects if your eye is looking at the screen or not, if no eye is detected the screen turns off. In other words, if you are using the phone the screen will stay on, but if you leave it and walk away the Galaxy realises there is no eye and turns the screen off!

Direct call:
You know when you're texting someone and they just don't seem to get the point so you want to instantly call them .. this is what direct call does. Instead of having to touch a button on the screen to switch from SMS to calling, all you need to do is to hold the phone up to your ear and your smartphone should do the job. This feature may seem great but it could be annoying, so if you are texting someone and you accidentally swing the phone a call may start, it's just like misusing the unlocked orientation features in most recent smartphones. Unless Samsung make sure they minimise flaws with this feature, it could end up as a waste of time that they introduced it in the first place.

S Voice:
I don't think I should say much, but this is Siri for Android. They have to copy Apple! To be honest this is a big risk by Samsung and Apple aren't gonna let them get away with it.

Best photo:
Although the concept behind this feature isn't too amazing, best photo is a minor feature where the phone snaps 8 photos then automatically chooses the best one for you.

Improved sharing:
There was a dramatic improvement in the sharing and cloud technology features in the Galaxy S3. Firstly the S Beam which is a feature that allows sharing files by placing them in a certain position as shown in the image below; they also introduced a few feature similar to iCloud and airplay, read more about the sharing features here.

Overall, I found that these were all great features, however they are minor improvements that did magnificently improve the ease of use of the Samsung Galaxy, but there were no big changes to the phone. If you think about it though, Apple's iPhone 4S had much less features than this and got high sales, so do you think the Samsung Galaxy S3 will get high sales too? Which of the features do you prefer most? Is there anything Samsung missed out on?
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