WWDC app hints at a new theme in iOS 6!

By: Unknown, May 29, 2012
Features of iOS are strongly anticipated by Apple fans. But as usual Apple are keeping the features hidden until officially announced. However, not all features are hidden, Apple likes to hint new features at its fans. For example before the iPhone 4S was released, the invitation sent out had one missed call and said Let's talk iPhone. The one missed call and no plural for iPhone both hinted that only one iPhone was about to get released instead of two.

Now with the release of the WWDC app, there's a hint that the theme will get a shade of silver than the previous colours. Have a look at the images below and tell us what you think:
To the left is the WWDC app last year, and to the right is the WWDC app for the upcoming event.

Expect more of this in iOS 6

[Images source: Cult of Mac]

You may also realize this change in colour in the maps app of iOS 6. So what do you think of this colour? Would you like to see Apple implementing it in iOS 6?

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