2 easy ways to replace "Like" button on Facebook with "Me Gusta"!

By: Unknown, June 7, 2012

So if you are a fan of either Facebook or 9GAG or any website that shares memes, then you almost certainly know about "Me Gusta". Me Gusta is the spanish phrase for "I like". This incredibly popular phrase is considered really amazing. So to take this further, there are two ways to replace the word 'like' on Facebook with "Me Gusta". The first way involves changing the language on Facebook and the other one involves download an app from the Chrome web store.

1- Changing Facebook's language

Ok this way could be seen as annoying as you have to change the language of Facebook. However if you do not use Google Chrome or Rockmelt, this is apparently the only way to get this awesome modification. Simply go to your account settings and change the primary language of Facebook.

2- Chrome extension

So the this is the better method if you are using Google Chrome or Rockmelt. Just search for 'me gusta'
and pick this download:

Once downloaded just close all browser windows and open a new one. Launch Facebook and enjoy the new button!

So what do you think of this 'modification'? And remember to like/me gusta our page on Facebook so you never miss any cool tip. Enjoy Me Gusta-ing!

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