Another reason why Steve Jobs is a genius..

By: Unknown, June 30, 2012
I was reading this article today about Android and flash which I'm gonna write about after the video and remembered Steve Jobs saying that Apple don't want to and will not support Adobe flash and will instead use HTML 5. Below is the video from AllThingsD when he describes the reasons for this. Now, 2 years after he said this, Android will no longer support flash! More details after the video.

Hey hey hey wait! Seriously? So Android 4.1 will no longer support Flash? The answer is yes. Flash will no longer be downloadable from Google Play after the 15th of August. You can download Flash from now until then, but neither Adobe nor the manufacturer of the mobile will deal with any issues you face on Android 4.1. So seems like Apple's decision was right after all.

[Source: Arstechnica]

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