Google Voice better than Siri?

By: Unknown, June 29, 2012

So is Google Search (by voice) in Android 4.0+ better than Siri. Please note that I'm not talking about S Voice but Google Voice Search. This is a shocking comparison of both voice powered searches as Google Search was not only faster at getting results, but also had a more humanistic voice. Below is a video comparison made by TechnoBuffalo of both Siri and Google Search. In the description of the YouTube video, the jon4lakers says,

"Siri is how Apple persuades consumers to buy the iPhone 4S, and in iOS 6, the voice assistant promises to get a whole lot better. But before the new and improved Siri arrives, Google is unleashing an upgrade to its search that, well, blows Apple's tech right out of the water. Built from the ground up in the new Android Jelly Bean update, the new search engine accepts and answers questions with aplomb. When we first booted it up and gave it a go, it seriously blew us away with how quick it returned results, and the technology's voice is much more fluid than Siri's robotic pipes. We pitted the two against each other to see just how great Google's enhanced search is, and why Apple's new Siri may already be behind before she even arrives."

We are sure that Siri is getting better but this video is simply shocking. Tell us what you think. 

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