iOS 6 adds more privacy control

By: Unknown, June 15, 2012
Privacy has always been an issue in the smartphone industry. Users are always worried that their data is being tracked down and stolen such as contacts, calendars, location, reminders, etc. With iOS 6, Apple has further improved privacy control by third party apps. As you probably already know, you usually get a popup asking if a certain app can use your location. The reason for this was explained by Steve Jobs in AllThingsD several years ago where he said he doesn't want a 14 year old boy to get stalked and have something bad happen to him because of his iPhone. He further added, "Privacy means people know what they are signing up for, in plain English and repeatedly."

Nevertheless, this was only implemented for location services in previous versions of iOS. But with iOS 6, a similar popup appears every time data about your contacts, calendars, reminders and photos are being accessed. Below is what Apple mentioned about the new improvements in privacy in their release note:
"In iOS 6, the system now protects Calendars, Reminders, Contacts, and Photos as part of Apple’s data isolation privacy initiative.
Users will see access dialogs when an app tries to access any of those data types. The user can switch access on and off in Settings > Privacy.
There are APIs available to allow developers to set a “purpose” string that is displayed to users to help them understand why their data is being requested.
There are changes to the EventKit and Address Book frameworks to help developers with this feature."

These are some great improvements to privacy. These improvements are one of the many new features introduced in iOS 6. To know more about the latest features click here.

What do you think of these new improvements in privacy? Do you think it was necessary for Apple to implement them to stop all the concerns about privacy? 

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