Windows 8 release preview - a big improvement from the previous consumer preview

By: Unknown, June 2, 2012

If you have been following you would have probably knew that Windows 8 release preview is available to download. This free update offers more than what I expected from Microsoft after being one of the many highly disappointed from what the consumer preview had to offer. You can read a post that highlights the main changes throughout Windows here.

So Windows are finally improving their big mistake .. Windows 8. I noticed a significant improvement in the update and would like to talk about it with you guys. Obviously, you can tell us what it feels like for you in the comments below.

So what exactly got improved? And what are certain precautions you have to take?

Windows 8 now looks much nicer. In fact, one big downside to the previous version was the dull ugly colours. But now after the update, the homescreen and other colours in general are much more vibrant. And even the animations are a lot smoother now. So i'm actually starting to like Windows 8.

When I say apps I don't just mean that there are new pre-installed apps in the release preview, but even the previous apps have been slightly improved. The apps in Windows 8 now offer an experience better than ever. I'm actually delighted by the big improvement in the mail app which I was disappointed with in the older version of Windows 8.

Windows Store:
This does kind of relate to the apps point, but the Store has gotten a lot of more apps. It still isn't as much as other stores such as App Store (Apple), Google Play (Android), and Chrome Web Store (Google Chrome). But it is getting better.

Windows 8 just feels so much more natural, smoother, quicker and cooler after the release preview. I'm glad to see Windows doing this. BUT before you go and download it you have to take care with the installation process because I lost all my files!!

So when you are installing Windows 8 release preview you will get a popup that is similar to this:

Ok, first of all this is a fail as you only have one option and Windows can help you decide which option to choose! Secondly this fail of a popup lead me into losing all my files! So make sure you have a backup somewhere or you can go to a restore point because something will go wrong incase something goes wrong.

Just do it with care and tell us if there were any problems you had with the install. And what you think got better and got worse. We're waiting to hear from you in the comments!

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