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By: Unknown, July 15, 2012
Safari is another browser that is surely a big competitor. With a few major upgrades coming this fall Safari has proved itself to be a great browser. It has a great reader view and a cool top sites page. The top sites page in Safari makes it outstanding because of its great animation when clicking on a site plus its simple methods of adding a website to the page. In Google Chrome, you would have to refresh a certain page several times until it is in the top sites page, however in safari it is a lot easier. These are two easy methods to do so.

Method 1:

1. Load up the website you would like to add
2. Click on the plus icon in the top left corner

3. You will get a popup to add the website to the reading list, change it to top sites and click add


Method 2:

1. Load up the top sites page
2. Load the website you would like to add
3. Click edit in the bottom left corner of the top sites page

4. Drag the address of the website you're adding into the top sites page
5.Position it wherever you want


If you follow either method the website added should be pinned to the top sites page. So websites that have been frequently opened can not replace the website you have added unless you unpin it. If you need any help, feel free to ask.

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