Awesome free remote PC/Mac app on your smart phone

By: Unknown, July 30, 2012
A logo of the TeamViewer applicationHaving full control of your PC/Mac from your iPhone/Android Phone is something useful and fun. For ages I have seen remote pc apps that are available on a smart phone and allow me to access my computer. Today I found one of these amazing apps. The special thing about this app is not only does it offer features like the ones you will find in most remote pc applications that cost $9.99, but that this app is free! No trial version, nothing like that. The only time you would pay is if you want to use this app for commercial-use. If you want it for private use then the app is free. The owners of the app trust your honesty on buying a license from their website. So what's the app called?
The free app is called TeamViewer. It is available on both iOS and Android devices. I have tested the app and it works like a charm. It even works with older generation iPhones, but with a bit of lag. There is also something about TeamViewer that I love most. The owners of it trust the user's honesty in everything. They trust you to only use the app privately for free but pay them for a license if you would wish to as well as getting your money back if you don't like the software.

If you don't know what remote pc is then here is an explanation. Remote pc allows you to connect from one computer to another or one mobile device to your computer and access it's files. It is like having the hard drive of the computer you're accessing built-in into the computer or mobile you're using except that it isn't built-in. Instead you are in a way accessing your computer wirelessly which is a useful feature.

TeamViewer is available for free for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. It is available for free on iOS and Android but there is a pro version which is probably for the license. Anyway the free one isn't a trial version and it works great. The download links are below:


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