Block spam tweets that ask you to follow other accounts

By: Unknown, July 3, 2012
Yes it could be regarded as spam. Perhaps they benefit more followers from it but it just annoys the users. You know when some twitter account keeps tweeting that you should follow another account to gain followers and it never happens? Annoying right? Well be happy, you will never see another one of these tweets again.

I have an example of the tweets that I'm talking about below. It is these tweets that really ruin my twitter experience more that anything. But now I found a Google Chrome extension to help you filter tweets by keyword. Download the extension from here.

Now you will realize there's a filter button at the top bar directly next to the discover tab. Click on that and a popup with launch with a few options for keywords. Make it look like the one below.

Bonus: you can use this filter to hide tweets about a certain event that is also filling up your timeline.

That's it! Say goodbye to annoying tweets! I'm looking for an app that can perform a similar functionality on smart phones. If I find one I will share it. Also if you know about one please share it below. Thanks!

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