Restore Sony Vaio laptop to factory settings to downgrade back to Windows 7

By: Unknown, July 11, 2012
Windows 8 was almost a disaster. It had some good and some bad things. And one really bad problem with Windows 8 is that Vaio users lost all the amazing features they have received from Sony such as remote play with ps3. There is a really simple way to downgrade to Windows 7 and get these awesome features back. Simply do a restore. And the easiest way to restore a Sony Vaio PC is to hold Alt+F10 during boot. In this tutorial I will be taking Sony Vaio Pcs as an example only because this is the one I have.More info and help with the restore after the break.

When you start the restore using Alt+F10 you will get the option to 'rescue' your data. In other words save them to an external drive as a backup because when you restore you will lose all your data. Alternatively, you can save your data to an online storage medium such as dropbox. The restore will take approximately an hour.

I just restored my Sony laptop today and now I'm back to Windows 7 and everything is amazing. If you need any help with the restore or have a few questions in mind before restoring feel free to ask me in the comments section below.


  1. Great to know that its possible to get your laptop back to factory state even if some experiment with OS goes wrong.

  2. I tried what you recommended but it never worked. any other option? I have the Sony visa SVS series

  3. if you have windows8 installed on your pc,when you restart and hold alt+f10 button,will not downgrade,

    1. It depends on your pc manufcaturer. On Sony you need to hold alt+f10, it may be different for you. When you pc is booting it might tell you a button that you can press to format your pc.


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