Two quick tips on iPhone: mark an email as unread, and turn off vibration

By: Unknown, July 10, 2012
Here are two quick tips I would like to share with you guys. The first one allows you to mark an email as unread and the second one lets you turn off vibration. Let's get started.

1- Mark email as unread
Load the mail app and go to an email. You will find a details button near the top right. Click on that and it will expand a few more details including an option to mark the email as unread. Just tap that and you're done.

2- Turn off vibration
Launch the settings app and tap on sounds. You will find two vibration toggles, one for when your iPhone is on silent and one when it is not. Configure it to suit you.

Two quick tips that should improve your iPhone experience. Have you got any tips to share?

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