What's new in iOS 6 beta 3?

By: Unknown, July 17, 2012
iOS 6 beta 3 was just released around a day ago and it offers a few new features and exciting news. Let's start with the exciting news. iOS 6 beta 3 means we are getting closer to:

But now let's go a bit more practical. What exactly are the new features Apple offered in iOS 6 beta 3? Read on to find out.According to Mac Rumors this is what's new in iOS 6 beta 3:
  • Roadwork and traffic accidents showing up in Maps app 
  • Answer and Decline buttons for FaceTime calls have returned 
  • iMessage on iPad now accepting phone number as valid contact info 
  • Greater 3D Flyover coverage in Maps 
  • Glyphs for bookmarks, Reading List, and history in Safari 
  • Auto-brightness changes gradually
A bit of discussion of the new features. Firstly, the roadwork and traffic accidents. This is a really great feature, but its unlikely to be available in all areas. I don't just mean areas in US, but worldwide. It would be great if Apple would allow users to report traffic and accidents which is something Apple should be working on. The only problem in that would be users reporting fake incidents just for the fun of it. So Apple would need to think it right. After all users outside the US would prefer some rather than none.

[Image source: MacRumors]

Not much to discuss about FaceTime and iMessage. But even more improvements happened to the maps app. The 3D coverage has improved, but users can now also choose a few more preferences such as navigation voice volume, distance unit, language for labels and size of the labels. Seems like Apple are really going for the maps app to be a perfect replacement to google maps which will too be available on iOS soon! Let the competition begin.

The features in safari are minuscule. Text has just been replaced with glyphs (icon-like). And for auto brightness I find that just a great feature. The brightness used to just change instantly over an extreme range due to auto-brightness which was a bit annoying. But now the user experience has improved and the brightness will gradually change.

So overall really cool features here and hopefully iPhone 5 coming soon. Have I missed anything out? Share it with the audience as a comment below.

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