10 Incredibly Cool Camera-themed iPhone Cases

By: Unknown, August 13, 2012
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The iPhone is a picture perfect model of design and engineering, well worth its expensive price tag. Because of its value, it is only reasonable to protect it in case of the all-too-real hazard of human error. This protection can be attained through the simple solution of buying one of the most basic of iPhone accessories: a case.
This layer of security can also add to the iPhone’s aesthetics; and if one were to look at the right place, the case that captures one’s eyes can definitely be found. For those iPhone owners who fancy themselves as photo enthusiasts and would like to show their passion, they can choose from the following camera-themed cases for the iPhone:
1. Fresh Fiber Camera
This nylon fiber case for the iPhone 4 and 4S by Fresh Fiber brings both the look and feel of a pocket camera. Its realistic surface is made possible by a 3D printing machine, allowing for a movable lens and shutter. The case can absorb impact while also protecting the screen as it curls over the edges. It can also be worn around the neck through a lanyard.
2. Polaroid Camera
Analog instant cameras like the Polaroid have become a luxury item today, and that familiar luxurious feeling is encapsulated in this iPhone 4 and 4S case. Made of silicone rubber, the iPhone can also expect to withstand impact without taking any damage as long as this case is worn.
3. Instagram Inspired Case
This case mimicking the design of the highly popular photograph app evokes the same image of intimate moments with old friends, like that of the Polaroid theme. Only this time, it caters to the modern sensibilities of the socially connected youth.
4. Herco Imperial Camera
Harking back to the black and white world of the 50s, this case specifically replicates the front design of the Herco Imperial Box Camera. Relive the golden years of America with this vintage aesthetic.
5. Twin Lens Reflex
Jumping to another decade forward, the 1969 Twin Lens Reflex Camera by Yashica is revived in this lifelike photo case for the iPhone 4 and 4S. The front end of the classic TLR might look like a 3D model, but it is in fact only a high-quality photograph stuck on the back of the plastic case.
6. Hipstacase
Hipstamatic offers a chic all-white camera case for the iPhone 4 and 4S, reminiscent of the plastic cameras of the 80s. The retro cool look is always fashionable, and when it comes with a tripod adapter and a lanyard for ease of use, this package gets all the more attractive.
7. LEGO Toy Case
This colorful case combines the love of photography with the cheery playfulness of LEGOs. Like the previous TLR case, this is also just a picture of a LEGO toy camera imposed on the back of the plastic case. Nevertheless, it brings a dimension of colorful fun into the elegance of the iPhone.
8. Wood Camera Case
Plastics and metals can be a little too mainstream, so adding a more natural look to the technological marvel that is the iPhone can be a refreshing change. Made out of real walnut wood, this laser-treated case looks and feels like a real pocket camera, with all the right grooves. The case is actually made in two parts that fit snugly together and can be taken apart if needed. They also have felt pads on the inside for further protection.
9. GizmoniCA
The transformation from iPhone to camera can be completed with this functional 3D camera case by Gizmon. There are actually two “lenses” stuck in front of the camera, but they only serve to heighten the realism as they’re only there for show. What does work is the shutter button found on top of the case, giving it a real authentic impression.
10. Bitplay SNAP!
As an alternative to the Gizmon case, the Bitplay SNAP from Dynamism also has a complete camera mold for the iPhone with a working shutter button. Instead of the old-school design, this case provides a contemporary and elegant finish, not unlike today’s digital cameras.
Author Bio:
Rod Tolentino is a musician and a marketing consultant for Repair Labs and Fix-iPhones , the leading source of iPhone and iPad accessories and repair tips.


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