Amazon Cloud Player receives a huge update

By: Unknown, August 1, 2012
Amazon Cloud Drive is a cloud based service that allows users to securely store their music in the cloud. The service is available on:

  • Android phones and tablets
  • iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
  • Kindle Fire
  • Mac and PC

This is what makes the service so unique, because it is compatible with almost all popular platforms. Just today the service received an update. Below are the official release notes from Amazon:
  • Faster music import for Cloud Player using scan and match technology
  • Upgrade of matched files to high-quality 256 Kbps audio
  • Delivery of future Amazon MP3 purchases directly to Cloud Player
  • Delivery of eligible past Amazon MP3 purchases to Cloud Player without having to import them
  • Ability to edit song and album information (such as title and track number), and the ability to import that information for matched files directly from Amazon’s catalog
  • Support for more music file types
 It really seems like Amazon is going huge. A successful tablet and a great smart phone coming soon are just going to make it all better. Do you think Amazon could gain a high position in the tablet and smart phone industry?

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