Bladepad- Detachable game pad for iPhone

By: Unknown, August 5, 2012
Gaming on your iPhone as you may have experienced is something great. Something we certainly didn't see before the iPhone was announced in 2007. Now we are seeing a detachable game pad for iPhone. This is different to iCade which let you put your iPhone into the gaming pad and use it as a PSP. What Bladepad does is let you have your iPhone similar to the PSP Vita.
Bladepad turns your iPhone into a true gaming system complete with dual joysticks, dual bumpers, and a detachable protective case!

Bladepad can certainly improve your gaming experience and I would really want to buy it. One problem though is that obviously not all games would be supported. However it seems like a lot of games would be supported:

Bladepad will feature game support from both top studios and indie game makers
 If Apple release one it will obviously be a lot better than this as almost all games will be supported. But this is a good start and is highly recommended. Bladepad needs pledging before it becomes available since it's a kickstarter project. Click here to visit their Kickstarter page. And to finish off below is the video from KickStarter:

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  1. iPhone development has taken to an advanced form so this is nothing new yet. In short period iPhone has gained good popularity and their products are liked by more peoples as there is always something new to see in their products and apps.

    1. But it's always better to be seeing something new.


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