iPhone 5 pre-orders to start on 12th September

By: Unknown, August 14, 2012
12th September is the date when Apple will be announcing the new iPhone. This is great news for all Apple enthusiasts. But what's even greater is that pre-orders will be available on the same day! It is expected that the iPhone 5 will become available as usual in the US first followed by quick arrivals to other countries then a late arrival for the others. iMore are the ones who have been giving in the details which according to them comes from sources which have proven to be accurate before. They further note that the iPhone will become available on the 21st of September in the US followed by the first week in October (likely October 5th) for international markets.

Other than that I haven't got much more to say about the current iPhone featuring its taller display. Have you got anything to say about it?

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