The 5 Most Anticipated Xbox Games To Be Released Later This Year

By: Unknown, August 17, 2012

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We may be approaching the end of summer, but gaming season doesn't have to be over just yet. The coming months are giving us more than their fair share of mouth-watering titles. Here are five of the games that have been causing the most gamer salivation so far.

Far Cry 3

Release date: September 4th

Few series are quite as popular as Far Cry, and this third installment promises to deliver on all that fans have loved about the previous games. Beyond living up to the expectations set by its predecessors, Ubisoft will be patching up some gameplay problems that were present in FC 2 (e.g., the stealth mechanics have been completely revamped, the story mode map will be made far bigger, etc.). The game also promises the opportunity to try plenty of new combat and gameplay types.

Borderlands 2

Release date: September 18th

The original Borderlands quickly gained a cult following, not to mention widespread appeal due to its deceptively simple gameplay and successful fusion of the shooter and RPG genres. Now the game is coming back with a vengeance, introducing four new characters, a revitalized enemy AI system, and a long list of improved game mechanics (such as four-person vehicles, an expanded list of weapons and weapon customization options, and "dynamic quests"). Borderlands 2 promises to be an explosive sequel to a revolutionary game.

Assassin's Creed III

Release dates: October 30th

If your adventures with Altair and Ezio left you feeling that the series should be more American, then you're in luck! The next installment brings a new lead character (Connor Kenway) who is half Native American and half English. For reasons that have yet to be fully explained, the war between the Templars and the Assassins has gotten mixed up with the American Revolution, and it's anticipated that most of Kenway's assassinations will be pulled from the historical accounts of that conflict. Ubisoft has also promised more action with Desmond than players have had in the previous games.

Halo 4

Release date: November 6

Okay, okay, it was kind of the obvious title for the list but there can be no doubt that it deserves a place high on the list. (It's even getting its own themed Xbox 360, after all!) Halo players around the world are doing thumb stretches in preparation for the game's release; a new story mode and online setup are certainly in the cards. Beyond that, Microsoft's 343 Industries (the new name behind the series) has kept most of the details of the game a secret. We do know that Master Chief and Cortana are coming back into the spotlight, and that Halo 4 will be the start of what Microsoft calls the "reclaimer trilogy." To answer all those other burning questions, players will just ave to buy the game.

Hitman: Absolution

Release date: November 20th

The last time we saw Agent 47, he was rising from the grave and killing everyone in a fifteen mile radius. That may answer the question of what he needs "absolution" for, but in the seven years since the previous installment was released, Hitman enthusiasts have raised plenty of other questions. Finally, we're getting answers: We know that 47 will be trekking across the United States, that new mechanics (including an "instinct mode" that predicts enemy patrol paths) will be introduced, and that there will be online gameplay. The plot of this installment centers around Agent 47 taking on the agency that has been pulling his strings for the last four games.

Several of the most promising titles were pushed to early 2013 (like Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider), several other games were "near misses" for this list, and each release season comes with its share of pleasant surprises. Even if you're eager to sink your teeth into these much-anticipated titles, be sure to explore the huge variety of other games that are being released in the second half of 2012.

What are your most anticipated titles for the remainder of the year?

About the author: Steven Chalmers is an award winning freelance journalist with years of experience covering the technology industry. When he’s not covering all things tech, you can find Steven reviewing teleconferencing services from Intercall or fishing with his two young sons.


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