Top 3 dangers for teenagers that BlackBerry monitoring software can prevent

By: Unknown, August 29, 2012
This is a guest post by Brian Coulter (more details at the bottom of the post). Credits go to him. If you would like to write us a guest post click here.

What happened to the world? When did it become so dangerous for kids just to walk back from the school? Or date? Or have friends?
Whatever the reason, our teenagers simply don't have the experience and maturity to take the best decisions. That's why it's up to us, the responsible, adult parents, to look after them and protect them, sometimes even from themselves.
One way we can do that is by using BlackBerry monitoring software. Suffice to say, it allows you to know everything that's going on with your teenager's life that he is keeping from you.
In fact, here are the three most common dangers that teenagers face in this country:

  • Alcohol. Teenagers drink, and the prohibition to sell alcohol to minors doesn't help much because there's always someone's brother who is 21 and willing to get them beer, often for money. In any case, alcohol, while bad in itself, is a danger mainly because it impairs judgment and it causes teenagers to make dangerous decisions. I don't need to tell you the consequences of, let's say, drinking and driving.
  • Anorexia, Bulimia and other Eating Disorders. Because of the glorifying of thin bodies and the discrimination of chubby ones on the media, girls (and sometimes boys) have become too self-conscious of their weight, often going into dangerous diets or habits that can permanently damage their bodies. The main problem is that permanent damage is not always visible until it's too late.
  • Indiscriminate or Unprotected Sex. I also blame the media for this. TV and movies have glorified sex so much and presented it as the ultimate goal in every relationship that teenagers act like crazy trying to get laid with the most people as possible or in any circumstance available. Some of them even believe that sex equals love. Obviously, this attitude results often in the propagation of venereal diseases and unwanted pregnancies.
There you have it. These are by far the most common dangers that threaten our teenagers. The worst part is that they do not see it as dangers, but as actions worth of praise and emulation, or at the very least as something that it wouldn't happen to them. In fact, many parents also believe that this sort of things will never occur to their children.
Sadly, no teenager is 100% safe, which is why many parents use BlackBerry monitoring software. And I agree with them. It's better to be safe than to be sorry, especially when it comes to your child's well being.
Editor’s note:
So what exactly does a monitoring software do on a Blackberry? A monitoring software:
  • Lets you see who called the person, when they called and sometimes even how long the call lasted
  • All SMS conversations that were on the phone
  • Track the location of the phone
You may be getting a lot more (or even less) depending on the monitoring software you used. Monitoring software will costs a one time fee then allow you to track down the phone from any web browser. The link provided in the author’s description is a great one to use so check it out.
Do you feel safe knowing your privacy can be so exposed to others?

About The Author:
Brian Coulter is an Opinion Leader on Cell Phones and Their Applications. When not Testing New Software, He Writes about Cell Phone Technology and His Opinions about Its Future. He is also developer of Blackberry Monitoring Software.

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