WarFrame - a beta game that got my interest

By: Unknown, August 17, 2012
We had a guest writer recently covering a few console games that have been released, or about to be released. Today however, I would like to talk about a PC games that's almost in beta yet seems great. It's a free co-op shooter game that by watching its trailer you will find yourself signing up instantly! Moreover, if you sign up now you receive a special weapon that is only for beta users. Read on for the trailer as well as beta sign-up link!

The trailer makes the game seem really good and that's why I'm posting about it. I'm not really into PC games but this one just got me.

Sign up now here.

I can't really review the game now because we've seen many misleading trailers before, but I hope this one is as good as the trailer shows it. Do you think it will be any good?

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