Gold iPhone 5 for sale in Dubai

By: Unknown, September 27, 2012
clip_image002Some people can become really insane about a product. And I truly mean insane when I say it. I’m not sure if you heard of this before or if it’s completely alien to you; Golden iPhones. I don’t mean just a case, I mean the actual iPhone is made of gold! A London based firm called Gold & Co that is specialized gold plating mobiles are the ones who made it. While many countries around the world are desperately waiting for iPhone 5, Gold & Co seem to target Dubai for some reason (You know it!).

The iPhone 5 comes in two separate colours:

  • Yellow gold and black model for $4628
  • Rose gold and white for $5036

The phones are available in Dubai Mall and are going to be made available in more countries soon. Why get a Black & Slate iPhone when you can get a Black & Golden one! I have seen a black and gold iPhone 4S and I have to admit if it looked really great. So if you got the cash you may want to try it out! Because I would. Would you feel guilty spending that much cash for a phone?

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