Maybe Blackberry 10 is really good after all!

By: Unknown, September 26, 2012
I have never ever liked a Blackberry before. These useless devices that had the least tools of communication compared to other smart phones was seen as a social communicating device. And I just hated the fact that people used Blackberry so much (especially where I live). It was all until today. Today I say two videos of Blackberry 10 that made me see that Blackberry might still have a future than die out over the next few years. Blackberry 10 could revolutionize what a Blackberry can do. It is that good. The first one is a quick review of Blackberry 10 Alpha B, followed by a song made by three Blackberry vice presidents. Yes the vice presidents do sing!

 The review seems good. I like how you get your notifications in a standalone page. This is pretty much similar to a notification center but for some reason the idea seems cool to me. Also the multitasked tiles that are auto updating got my interest. There is still room for improvement, nevertheless this is still a beta so what we're looking now for is the ideas rather than just how well they're implemented in the OS. Below is the second video where a few vice presidents sing a song to Blackberry developers.

I just love the tune! What do you think? Do Blackberry have a chance?

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