Mobile Phone Insurance: Who Needs It?

By: Unknown, September 4, 2012
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Mobile phones are becoming advanced these days. Every now and then, we receive news about the leading mobile phone manufacturer’s flagship models that have the state of the art features. For this reason, a lot of people consider their advanced mobile phone as their precious possession.
While all mobile phones come with a store warranty and factory warranty which helps guarantee the purchaser from defects that may arise from the manufacturer or store’s end, this will not be enough to secure one’s valuable mobile phone. Especially after storing important files and contacts information and embellishing and customizing it with functional and entertaining apps that can be downloaded using a high speed internet connection, the mobile phone’s worth becomes more than its purchase price.
In this case, the mobile phone will need the utmost security that it can possibly get. And what better way to get this than with a mobile phone insurance.

Overview of the mobile phone insurance
A mobile phone insurance is a policy that the mobile phone owner may get to secure him from other unfortunate events that may happen to the mobile phone. Manufacturer’s or store’s policy may give the benefit of replacement of the unit in case of defects that originated from the manufacturer or store. But other tragedies such as theft, damages from events beyond the owner’s control, etc. may also happen to the mobile phone. These events are what the mobile phone insurance will usually cover the owner and his mobile phone from.

Why mobile phone owners should get it
There are a couple of reasons why mobile phone owners should get an insurance for their much-loved wireless device:
·         Mobile phone insurance costs only a few dollars each month. If the trade-off is getting adequate security with one’s mobile phone, it should certainly be worth the amount.
·         With only a few clicks through the internet, mobile phone owners can already get the ideal mobile phone insurance that will suit his needs and budget.
·         Being free from worries about the unfortunate events that may happen with the mobile phone will allow the owner to enjoy the most out of his mobile phone.

Who needs mobile phone insurance?
Now, to answer the question as to who needs mobile phone insurance, we will be very confident to say that every owner of a valuable mobile phone should get a mobile phone insurance.
Every mobile phone owner will have its own habits in handling their phone. Some may be prone to dropping their phone. Some owners have small kids who may be able to get hold of their parent’s mobile phone while the latter is busy with other important tasks. Or, some mobile phone owners may exercise the utmost care in keeping their mobile phone but for some reasons, accidents may still happen such as extreme weather conditions or fire. Other than these aforementioned circumstances, there may be other situations which will make the mobile phone insurance necessary for the mobile phone owner.

Final words
During unsuspecting situations such as when the mobile phone seems to be perfectly working, the owner may find it ridiculous to get a mobile phone insurance but by getting to know the benefits mentioned above, it should be easy to fathom why every mobile phone owner should get a mobile phone insurance.

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  1. I really loved this concept of mobile phones, after purchasing high priced phone and lost in 1 week atleast the insurance will make us happy! thanks for this wonderful post!Insurance Assessments

  2. Do you actually need mobile phone insurance? The answer depends on several factors including which mobile you have and how likely you are to lose or damage your mobile. If you favor top of the line stylish models, or have children who do, mobile phone insurance could be a valuable investment. That doesn’t mean that you need to pay much for it. There are many reasonably priced options for mobile phone insurance cover.

  3. Before few years I bought an phone insurance policy for my mobile but I haven't read all the terms and conditions and got cheated by the insurer. At that time no one listen my voice. So its really important to read all the terms and conditions before paying. And if you're cheated by anyone then you should go for online consumer forum.

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