What Islam actually is and who is Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him?

By: Unknown, September 15, 2012
I know this post may be irrelevant to what this blog is about, but I find it my duty to share this information as much as I can. Please please please carry on reading it will only take a few minutes but you will hopefully know a lot more than you did about Islam

I would like to start off by wishing for blessing to whoever got killed during the past events from the American ambassador and his assistants to protesters at embassies. May they rest in peace. Before I start going on about Islam and Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him, I would like to point out a rule in Islam and that is no generalization. So only the people who made the offensive movie and only those who accepted it's publishing are to be blamed about it, other than that people who had no matter with the issue are not to be blamed. I still respect Americans and Westerns as much as I always did. I respect them like I respect my Muslim brother. It is my duty to do so and it is what I believe is right. On the other hand it is the Americans and Westerns duty not to generalize Muslim acts. Whatever has happened to them from one Muslim has happened to them from that person and not from Islam.

So what is Islam? Islam is a religion that wants people to do the right thing. To please God, others and themselves. Islam never asked us to be against any religion. In fact, a certain part of the Quran says 'You shall have your religion and I shall have my religion.' (109:6) So the point I'm trying to make is that Islam never told us to mistreat someone because of their religion. You have your religion and I have my religion, it doesn't matter. What matters is not to generalize acts. I will never put my fist to your head because of your religion or your country. But I would pull a gun to your head for your acts. So please everyone, don't generalize. I'm talking to both Muslims and Non-Muslims here.

Islam wants to teach us to follow what we believe is the right thing. To put religion as a priority in our lives. To learn how to please ourselves with good positive acts towards others. And this is why Prophet Mohammed PBUH is loved for. I'm not sure what some of you guys have been told about him. But I know that in most cases you haven't been taught good stuff about him and Islam. I'm not attacking anyone here I just know that a lot of Westerns have been told bad things about Islam and what it actually is. For example the latest movie that has caused the big anger in our hearts. So I just wanted to share a few things with you.

Our great Prophet Mohammed PBUH has once said that if you kill someone it is like you killed all of the humans, and if you saved someone's life it is like you saved the life of all humans. So any deaths that have happened to our Non-Muslim brothers isn't what Islam has told us to do. I'm not saying that Muslims are never supposed to ever kill someone. If there is a good reason to kill someone such as in a war then fine that's when you should kill them, but killing someone to show you have power or killing someone to show your anger towards another person is totally against our beliefs. So if you killed my family I will kill you. But if someone who has the same passport as you killed my family I will treat you like a family member to me. Friendship means a lot to Islam.

Islam is about forgiveness and treating others with ethics. Our Prophet Mohammed PBUH has clearly taught us to do this. A great story showing his forgiveness is when he returned to Mekka from Al-Madina. He had left Mekka due to their bad behaviour to him. When he returned back to Mekka as a winner and with a lot of power the people of Mekka asked him, "What are you going to do with us? How will you torture us?". Because they knew that now he got more power than them and can torture them back for what they had done to him. Instead he told them,"Go away you are free!". This reply made most if not all of the people convert to Islam. This is what Prophet Mohammed PBUH does, and not what these offensive incorrect movies claim. I hope you are getting more of a background of what he was like. I'm not saying that anyone should be Muslim or saying anything about any other religion, I'm just trying to let you know more about Islam and our Prophet.

This is what most Muslims believe is true, it's just that the media is portraying a negative image about us. So I used the opportunity of my blog to use it as a source of media that shows you a different view about Islam and Muslims to what most media now shows. I hope that you think of Muslims the same way you think of Non-Muslims. I hope that reading this gave you a bit more knowledge about Islam. Please Please Please do a bit of more research about Islam because honestly most of us are nice and what the media shows you is only a small amount of us. We all do bad things but that doesn't mean that other should take the consequences of it. So please don't hate someone for their religion. And please support us in being against the offensive movie that has been published about our Prophet. I know that some Non-Muslims already are and I thank them a lot for it. Please be the same as them. I hope you take this seriously. Please tell any of your friends that hate Islam to read about us first. We are not different to you. Religion is like a shirt. Some people believe this shirt is better while others believe that another shirt is better. And just because we wear the same shirt doesn't mean that we are the same person.

Thanks a lot for reading this. If you found it interesting you may want to read the questions and answers about Islam.


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