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By: Unknown, September 7, 2012
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We are geeks as we appreciate high end technology and are passionate about smart phones powered by high speed processors, high definition display technologies, fastest connectivity services and other high end technical processes. Intelligent smart phone coupled with some luxurious add-ons like diamond studded frame or gold covered handset is a billionaire’s choice – who is not a geek. Here we intend to present from of the most expensive smart phones for all you technology freaks. These phones for sure are a symbol of flashiness and royalty for some and intelligence for others.

1. iPhone 4 Elite Gold
You might think that iPhone 4S is the latest edition from Apple. But this is not all. Apple has introduced one of the luxurious models, studded with 500 diamonds and covered in a 24K gold body. It is one of the most expensive smart phones from Apple. Apple phones are considered a status symbol and encapsulate a statement of prestige and style. This lavish smart phone can be yours at a cost of $ 9.6 million. It is currently available on Stuart Hughes Website. With an inbuilt memory of 64 GB it can help you with all your storage needs.

2. Ulysses Nardin’s ‘Chairman’
If you are of the richest personalities, then Ulysse Nardin’s ‘Chairman’ is for you. The Ulysses Nardin’s ‘Chairman’ boasts of more than 3,000 hand-cut 17-karat diamonds. Price tagged at more than $130,000, it supports 32 GB internal memory and a 3.2 touch display screen. It has an eight megapixel camera. Ulysse Nardin is a brand for all words synonymous for luxury watches. The thumbprint reader on the front will empower you with custom unlocking. for its musical consumers, it comes along with two ready blue tooth speakers. All the techies can enjoy the preloaded Android apps for applications like YouTube, Gmail, Facebook and Google Maps. What’s more. It is based on a specially designed android software version – Gingerbread.

3. Tag Heuer Racer
The first luxury phone crafted for the elite has been engineered to focus on light weight and durability. Swiss manufactured Tag Heuer Racer has a shock proof rubber chasis and a screwed in titanium and carbon fiber bridges. This classic amalgamation of luxury and performance has been inspired by TAG Heuer’s legacy of building GT cars and Formula 1. Shahrukh Khan – the king of bollywood endorses this high end brand and was at the launch pad of this ultra lightweight android smart phone. The smart phone priced at around $3,687 is powered by Android Gingerbread software. It supports a customizable 3D user interface. This style symbol hand set device will be available in TAG Heuer boutiques, selected watch outlets, jewelry retailers and luxury mobile boutiques.
Market is flooded with variety of smart phones and not to forget not just smart phones but the most expensive smart phones. You can choose from a range of handsets that suit your style and taste. Which is that phone is for you to decide. Companies like Apple and Samsung are innovating in ways more than one to attract its flashy customers and use their handsets to maintain their style statements. Competition is getting tough and everyone wants to retain its clientele via appealing looks and features. So it time for you to decide which one compliments your persona and style.

About The Author: Diana is a writer. She loves traveling, writing and playing. Recently she bought a smartphone. These days she is busy to write an article on smart phones.


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