Fun iOS tip: create and keep an empty note

By: Unknown, October 19, 2012
Now this post isn't a product being reviewed or a useful hint for your iOS device. Instead this post is a just for fun tip to challenge your friends. Have you ever though of creating an empty note in your iPhone? Try it, the note will automatically be removed. There's only one method I'm aware of that lets you keep an empty note and this is how you do it.

1. Create a note in the notes app
2. Type and random word in the note
3. Tap on done and go back to your notes
4. Tap to open the newly created note
5. Erase everything in the note
6. DO NOT tap on done but instead tap on the back button labeled 'notes'

Notice the empty note
In your list of notes you'll now see an empty note. Try this trick with your friends and see how many of them can figure out how to do it. Remember to give me the credits :)

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