Guided Access could soon become your best feature in iOS 6

By: Unknown, October 28, 2012

Guided access; a new feature made available to iOS users is located in the accessibility menu in the settings application. This categorizes the feature to be an accessibility feature for those with special needs. Furthermore, Apple promoted the feature as an accessibility feature in their iOS 6 WWDC. However, the feature has a lot more that that. An average user will find himself (or herself) using this handy feature occasionally.

I will show you in this article how to set up, use and when to use guided access. I hope you find it useful, and you probably will. If you like the article, share it with your friends, they'll like it too!

How to set up:

To set up Guided Access go to Settings --> General --> Accessibility --> Guided Access. Toggle it on or off from there. You will need to set a passcode to use guided access effectively.

How to use:

1. Launch the app you would like to use guided access with
2. Triple click the home button. A menu will come up
3. Tap on guided access
4. Circle parts of the screen you would like to disable

The home and lock buttons will be disabled automatically.

To disable guided access in the app so that you can quit it and use it freely, triple click the home button and type in your guided access passcode. Note: Your guided access passcode is not your iOS device's passcode!

When to use:

Guided access could come in handy at a variety of situations including the ones below:

Schools: Teachers could limit students from leaving the educational app that they're in. It's a shame that with guided access you can't limit users into using a few apps. So for example it would be cool if a teacher can limit students to educational apps during school time.

Children: You know when a child asks you to use your iPhone and you just can't tell this cute child "no". In this situation you wouldn't mind the child using a certain game or app but what if they quit your app and start messing around with your home screen moving apps around and sending random emails. In this case guided access would be very useful. Additionally, most apps now include in app purchases, so you can disable this purchasing icon to avoid your iTunes money being lost.

Friends: You know when you've got a cool picture you would like to show your friends who are sitting right next to you? You give them your iPhone, they switch and see more pictures and have a look at your albums or even open up your Facebook messages especially when they're a group of friends. This is another example of when guided access comes in handy. Just triple click your home button and start guided access mode. Then circle the back buttons so your friends can't see your albums. Done! No more privacy exposed.

The feature does take a few steps to set up and lacks some features as told in the schools example. Nevertheless, it is a really cool and most under-rated features in iOS.

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