IE9 review- don't use it!

By: Unknown, October 10, 2012
2 days ago I promised you with a review for Internet Explorer 9. I showed you two videos comparing IE9's ad with what it should really be like. Click here to watch the videos in case you missed the post. I'll tell you this quite frankly, Internet Explorer is a pretty good browser. It looks good and websites launch decently well. But (and there's always a but!) I no longer use it. I use Rockmelt as my browser as it has the coolest features ever.I have been using it since last March when I shared it on this blog and have to say I'm really pleased with what if offers. It offers features I couldn't get in Internet Explorer from instantly sharing websites to viewing my own posts! Read on after the break for the detailed explanation.
First thing I missed so much was the feeds bar in Rockmelt. It shows me a badge with the number of new articles from certain blogs I follow. There is a feed bar in Internet Explorer but it is hard to access and doesn't show how many new posts are available. This feed bar isn't available at all in Chrome but Safari does it quite nicely.

The tabs were fine now. I remember when switching tabs in IE used to be a pain in comparison to Google Chrome. However the tabs have now improved to be a lot faster in switching, not as good as chrome, but Microsoft are getting there.

Another cool feature is pinning certain websites to your taskbar. Just drag and drop a tab to your taskbar and it's pinned! Simple as that. There are however problems with this and it could be improved. It's a good start from Microsoft and actually an original idea I guess.

Then comes the big problem. I was opening up a post on Alwarakiblog to respond to a comment or something and the page didn't load correctly. Everything was a complete mess. The page was really narrow and had no writing on it. Just the floating sharing bar. I refreshed the page and the same problem happened. I tried different posts on my blog and still no good signs. The home page works fine but it was only the home page. I know the problem is mainly coming from my side. I did some research and it turns out Internet Explorer loads tabs differently to other browsers. I tried compatibility mode in IE and no good signs.

It is a good feature sometimes that tabs load differently to other browsers. (Don't ask for an example!). But it could be bad such as for loading my own blog posts. I'll look in my template soon and try finding the problem that IE ironically helped me in finding, neverthelss I take this as a sign to stick back to Rockmelt for now.

What browser do you use and why?

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