iExpander project- better camera, expandable SD memory, and double the battery life for your iPhone

By: Unknown, October 13, 2012
iExpander is a kickstarter project for iPhone that really got my attention. It basically let's you have a better camera for low-light images, an expandable SD memory slot, and double the battery life. It is compatible with the new iPhone 5 as well as previous iPhones. The iPhone 5 version even converts the lightning port to a 30-pin connector port on your iPhone 5, so if you're worried about the number of $29 adapters that you need to buy, this case will solve your problem.

To double the battery life, the iExpander team put in another battery just like the one that comes with your iPhone 5. Now you have two batteries in your iPhone, because having one battery is too mainstream.

The team promise a big improvement in low-light images. They have adjusted the LED flash to add more light energy and increase the distance of the flash of the iPhone leading to 'unbelievable' results. The before and after images below should prove the point. For some reason I still feel a bit uncertain about the reliability of these images.

The case has a built-in Micro SD slot as mentioned earlier. This slot obviously lets you add extra storage to your iPhone 5 which is a great feature. I haven't had good experience with Micro SD cards though as they constantly become corrupted and be a pain in the neck. Nevertheless, if your Android friends are bullying you about the feature you can stop the bullying! (as well as adding extra storage).

The only bad part about this case is it will make your iPhone truly ugly. It's no longer the unique slim iPhone that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand but rather a .... let's stop it here. Have a look at a comparison picture below.

However, if you do like the idea of having more features rather than a better looking iPhone then this case is truly for you. You can pledge $75 to pre-order the case. The project is really close to the $125,000 goal and has 8 days to go. Have a look at the project using the link below.


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